Announcement: Orgasm Arts Review-How make a Woman Squirt

Posted by squirtingmaster under Orgasm Arts Review on Tuesday Feb 17, 2015
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Hi Guy’s here, Welcome to my site Dedicated to Educating Men further about Female Orgasm Techniques, My Orgasm Arts review, and Overall help us all become better at making Women happy in the best way possible! So if you are not here to embrace these topics then you may hit the back button anytime,but if so then read on :)

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What are some ways to prep your Woman for Climax or Squirting Orgasms?

orgasm arts review

Location of Female The G-spot.

First I’d like to start with some of the basics and things that I’ve learned through experience then move to the advanced techniques I’ve learned from Jason Julius’s Female Orgasm Blueprint Video Course.

You always want to start off with at least some making out and dry humping along with touching. This type of behavior teases you both and get’s you and her ready for a “Sexual Situation”. After that focus on Kissing her and make sure that when you Kiss it’s sensual and genuine, hold her as well. Then you want to focus on whats called the Female Erogenous Zones for Women.

They can be located on her neck, collarbone, stomach, between the thighs. These are more common places which usually will work and get you into the fingering stages. I recommend you go through Jason’s Course for the proper ways to use your fingers, Tongue, and penis to ensure that your girl either Orgasms big or Squirts like a water hose.

So What is Orgasm Arts? and Who’s Jason Julius?

In a hurry? Watch my Video Review.

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Jason Julius Creator Of Orgasm Arts

Jason Julius Creator Of Orgasm Arts .

The reason I’ve taken the time to create this Orgasm Arts Review is because I used to think I was a master at making my girlfriend of 5 years Orgasm and/or Squirt. Now don’t get me wrong, I did get her off quite often and I’ve only made her Squirt maybe once. This has made me master making her Squirt every time.

I honestly thought I had covered the basics and advanced stuff on my own until I actually went ahead and purchased Orgasm Arts. I thought “If it doesn’t teach me anything new I’ll just refund it, You get 12 month money back guarantee btw” but it actually did! and here is why.

There are three information packed Video Series and they are The Female Orgasm Blueprint Video Course, Female Orgasm Insider Video Course, and last but not least The Extreme Stamina Video Course. They each have Full length HD quality training on a realistic model Vagina, Video include everything from setting Her Mindset For Approaching Orgasms to G-Spot and A-spot Orgasms. All which have in depth and easy to understand training modules that will have a light bulb going off in your head ever minute, It did in mine atleast!



You can download all of the Videos or Watch them on the site. You will get a Special Login Code as well as a bonus “Quick Guide to Female Orgasms” (Retail value $67), a full 12 mos. of unlimited email support (Retail value $297) also one year money-back guarantee.

  • Module 1: Mindset for approaching orgasms
  • Module 2: Guiding her mind
  • Module 3: Female anatomy
  • Module 4: Clitoral orgasms
  • Module 5: G-spot orgasms
  • Module 6: Deep Spot Orgasms
  • Module 7: Oral sex (cunnilingus) techniques
  • Module 8: Squirting orgasms aka female ejaculations
  • Module 9: Trouble shooting

My overall rating of Orgasm Arts would be a 9/10 and I say this because it’s definitely improved my sex life with my Woman, Jason Julius is a fantastic teacher, The website is clean and easy to navigate, Educational, and you can always learn more and more to improve your skills. A must buy if you really want to keep your Woman happy and on her toes!

Where to Buy Orgasm Arts?

There are some other Hyped up programs out there that want you to read super long ebooks and pay outrageous prices for them but honestly I’ve done the research for you already and by far Orgasm Arts has been the best way to learn. Since it uses Videos to train you can breeze through learning in no time as you are able to see live demonstrations on a lifelike vagina used by Jason to show you EXACTLY what to do.

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Important Notices – Limited Time Offer and $99 Bonus!

OVER $99 in FREE bonuses with the purchase of Orgasm Arts and subscribing to my Newsletter.


About Bonus #1: This is the Stess Free Simple way to Seduce Hot Women and just being yourself without having to put on a fake attitude or lie to a Woman to get her to date you.

  • eBook Format – PDF
  • Reading Requirements – Any PDF reader
  • Number of Pages 64


About Bonus #2: I especially adore this one since it is and Audio MP3 that you can listen to on the Fly and will improve your Inner game, Confidence, and Overall help you subliminally build attractiveness within yourself to get more Women on your jock!
  • Audio Format – MP3
  • Listening Requirements – Any MP3 Player
  • Length of Audio – 15+ Minutes


Thank you for reading my Orgasm Arts Review. I hope to see you on the other side! Get you’re Free Orgasm technique’s video below.

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How to give Her a Real Orgasm and tell if She’s Faking it…

Posted by squirtingmaster under Is she Faking it? on Wednesday Feb 25, 2015
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Hey guy’s My name’s Mike and my girlfriend’s name is Stephanie here, Welcome To our Blog!We are here to tell you our story of how We discovered tons of Squirting Orgasm and Female ejaculation Secrets together. This saved our relationship and kept her from nearly cheating on me as well. Thanks to Gabrielle Moore.

Access THE BEST Squirting Orgasm advice from a Woman herself for only $1.00!

So How and Where did we find these Secrets?

Steph and I have been dating for about 8 months now but I can tell that she wasn’t fully satisfied in bed. I could never get her to Orgasm or Squirt for that matter, It wasn’t either of our faults. We were simply lacking a few things in our love making.

However one day we got into a really bad fight and She said it! “I fake my Orgasms” So there it was. After hearing that I pulled the car over and thought to myself and I even cried a bit. Then I wondered if maybe all of this fighting and bad sex would end up in her leaving me for a man that could please her.

This Woman was so beautiful and I loved her so much I could not stand the thought of her being with another man. So I’d sit up late at night and surf the internet for a solution, Most Websites gave me tips that either didn’t work or “I’ve already tried that”.

It wasn’t until a Co-Worker of mine showed me this crazy Video online. I was very confused at first but after getting to know Gabrielle Moore and taking up her Squirting Orgasm Secrets for Only a dollar, I put some trust into her.

Started watching the Video/Audio instructions, Of course I didn’t tell Stephanie. But that night I went home and gave her the most Powerful Orgasm I’d ever given her. She looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes and said “You are amazing”, She later apologized about what she said during our argument. We were drenched in sweat and the bed was soaked in her cum.

Access THE BEST Squirting Orgasm advice from a Woman herself for only $1.00!

Unfortunately I only have so much time to dedicate here to my Blog, But I’ll tell ya what guys. I really do what I can to keep this thing going and get time away from Stephanie who wants to have sex all the time now. Yes she constantly nags me for sex, Especially after learning what I’m about to share with you all.

The resources that showed me step by step Video, Audio, and reading. These things did not waste my time either just one Video changed the way I looked at pleasing my girlfriend. I also had something new to “try” on her every night and it never dissapointed.

It’s called Gabrielle Moore’s Squirting Orgasm Secrets. Makes sense since it is taught by a Woman right? Shes experimented with all kinds of ways to climax and shes sending out new stuff to guys every two weeks. I’ve already gotten 4 weeks worth of material and it’s always fresh and like nothing you can find on any Website for free.

Important Notices-One Time Offer Bonus!

Orgasm_Arts_ReviewOnce you get a membership with Squirting Orgasm Secrets for $1.00. I am offering you a SWEET Bonus. A Free Live Demonstration of how to ACTUALLY finger a girl to make her Squirt Like Crazy. Sure Gabrielle Moore Explains in her way but this is another Perspective and a $47 value. But You’ll get Instant Access For Remaining a Member of Squirting Orgasm Secrets!

Try Gabrielle Moore’s Squirting Orgasm Secrets for $1.00 and Claim My Bonus!

 How to Claim Your Bonus!

Email You’re Clickbank receipt # to to prove that you’ve remained a member of Squirting Orgasm Secrets. I will then send you you’re bonus material at my earliest Convenience! Thank you.

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female orgasmHey and Welcome to this post and my journey to deliver quality Educated information on The Female Orgasm. This article will go over an issue many men face “Why can’t I give her a Vaginal Orgasm, Am I too small?” So if you’ve ever felt this way then read on. However if not then you can check out my other Articles based on Squirting orgasms.

How to “Work it” If you are 6″ and below.

The thing you want to focus on is her mindset in the beginning, Once that is squared away let the rest flow. Getting her relaxed and opening up her mind is the best way for her to view you in a non judgmental light and feel what you truly want to give her. Make her feel sexy not just by telling her but show her! Kiss the parts of her body you love the most and make sure she knows it.

Tell her how much you appreciate her and the love you two share. I find that a massage is one of the best ways to warm females up for a relaxed and in control night Note: Most boyfriends DO NOT even bother to massage their girlfriend.

What can I do as far as physical technique?

Firstly if you feel that you are way too small 4″ and smaller I would HIGHLY recommend Orgasm Arts By Jason Julius. Other than that you want to Learn Proper foreplay and offer it to her first. Make her wildest fantasies of you being down there come true! and show her what she is missing.

Once she is all “wet” and ready use you’re manhood to start slowly inching in at first and use the entire shaft from beginning to end. Not only will this give her the sensation that you are bigger but the slow motion can cause more friction and feeling.

Last words…

If you have already tried some of this and it has not been working then I would highly recommend listening to an expert like Jason Julius or Gabrielle Moore. Not only have they sold tons of products based on advice on the Female Orgasm and Making Women Squirt.

Check out My Review here.


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Unlock her Legs System

Posted by squirtingmaster under Unlock her Legs on Thursday Jul 10, 2014
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Unlock her legs unleash the power of the scrambler

Hey there guys! I am writing today to empower you to Unleash the power of the scrambler upon all Women! Well mostly the Women that you want! As a matter of fact it actually works on any Woman that you so desire and here is how.

First I am going to prove to you that this system works by going over the basic fundamentals that create attraction in the first place. Any man can do this simply because it is psychology that men who are already attractive have but don’t need. So if you’ve ever had any sort of trouble with women, been friend zoned, rejected etc. Then the Scrambler will change that around for you over 90% of those times.

I found this meme to be very funny and truthful because it doesn’t matter how good looking you are, or the money you make. The Unlock her legs Scrambler system will show you exactly how to act and what to say to attract the most difficult Women out there. Remember guys Women don’t immediately want a man for his looks they have to get to know him first. Just think if you can portray the man that any Woman wants to be with and fine tune yourself to her liking everytime.

Common mistakes every guy makes when it comes to attracting a Woman!

The first mistake that we all make as men is that we come off as desperate or needy which ANY Woman can pick up right away. Whether it’s you’re voice or body language, They can and will figure it out. We often find ourselves trying many different methods and neither work because we don’t know the right combinations to use them in the scrambler solves all of this.

Men seem to think that money and big expensive items will automatically attract Women NOT TRUE. I have met some of the most beautiful Women and my brokest times in life thanks to Bobby Rio actually for Magnetic Messaging, it made me a text pimp fo sho! Now I have the game to get in there and Unlock her Legs For real!

Why should you invest any money into Unlock her Legs pdf AT ALL?!

Well to be honest I’ve looked at countless receipts of dates I’ve gone on that simply lead to nowhere but the friend zone and me desperately texting girls “hey” “wanna hangout again?” and other similar texts for them never to answer back which has been very upsetting and a confidence KILLER! Ever feel that way?

Using the Unlock her Legs secrets will not only attract Women and abundance but it will also teach you how to persuade just about anyone in any situation mostly Women though.

There are already a ton of Unlock her Legs members that are thanking Bobby Rio for helping them reach their goals. Sometimes you think there is something wrong with you or you’re appearance. No that’s not it at all life is simply about attraction.

Check out The Scrambler by Clicking here

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Hey guys once again I found a very interesting bit of content again by Ben Buckingham. Here he really explains how to hit the G-spot using you’re penis so that you may pleasure you’re Woman in ways other than Clitoral and fingering the G-Spot.

Looking for a Review on Orgasm Arts by Jason Julius? Click Here.

Learn why 70% of women have never had a vaginal orgasm and how you can satisfy a woman with intense vaginal orgasms…

Ever wonder why when she rides you that she doesn’t go up and down like the way you thrust? She tends to grind back and forth, NOT up and down on your cock…

Why is this?

Whether she knows this or not, she is trying to rub your cock against her “G Spot”.

Where is the G Spot?

The G Spot is about 2 inches inside the vagina on the northern wall towards her stomach.

The G Spot is about the size of a squared inch, her G Spot swells to create a textured and coarse feeling area as a woman becomes sexually aroused.

I’ve made this video below to demonstrate where the g spot is.

The second video shows sex positions that allow you to stimulate her g spot during penetration/ sexual intercourse.

Watch the videos, Tell me what you think, Comment below. As far as I know Ben Buckingham knows what the hell he is doing. I’ve applied these strategies as long as what I’ve learned from Jason Julius and I have my Woman addicted to sex with me. Also Leave a comment telling me what you think of the Videos and information here.

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How to make a woman orgasm – less technique and more emotion

Posted by squirtingmaster under About The Female Orgasm on Thursday May 15, 2014
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BenThis is a very intense Article I found online while looking for other Authors and advice on The Female Orgasm. This is from So go pay Ben Buckingham a Visit! This Article talks about Understanding a Woman’s Orgasms as well as what emotions to display to turn her on in a way that she is unaware  of. This recipe makes for the best type of Orgasm.

Read More

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How to Give her a Vaginal Orgasm

Posted by squirtingmaster under How to Reach the Vaginal Orgasm on Sunday Mar 31, 2013
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It is no secret that women can reach the clitoridian orgasm a lot easier, compared with the vaginal one. Only 30% of women experimented the vaginal orgasm, the rest of them being satisfied only with the simulation of the clitoris.

If you try to combine the two types of sexual stimulation, the vaginal orgasm can be reached a lot easier. There are numerous solutions for reaching the vaginal orgasm, even by women that are not normally able to get to it. Let’s see how.

1 – Simultaneous orgasm is the result of simultaneous stimulation, as the specialists say. Those recommend you to try to obtain satisfaction that is hard to obtain. This is why you need to start the clitoris stimulation before starting the vaginal one, no matter if you have sex with your boyfriend, or you are only masturbating. If you have sex with your boyfriend, ask him to stimulate you this way.

2- The gentle touches are essential. Don’t get to the vaginal stimulation unless the woman is fully excited from stimulating the clitoris. Moreover, you and your boyfriend can share the tasks: the woman must show her partner the clitoris, and to help him to find the G spot, so it could be manually stimulated.

3 – Prepare yourself mentally. The women that are able to reach this double performance talk about an increased concentration when it comes to vaginal stimulation, as the clitoridian sensations are obvious. Leave any other thought behind, and concentrate exclusively on the pleasures that you can feel in the vagina. When you feel that you are close to the vaginal orgasm, the woman can concentrate again on the pleasure that is felt by playing with the clitoris. This is how you can reach the tow orgasm simultaneously.

4 – Try to obtain those results with manual stimulation, with or without your boyfriend, before trying to obtain it though penetration, while having sex. Once the woman is trained and she knows her lesson, the woman would be able to control those sensations thought normal sex.

5- Some specialists recommend clitoridian and vaginal stimulation at the same time, while others say that those organs must be stimulated alternatively. The simple stimulation of the G spot provokes a sensation that is similar to the one of the urge to urinate, but combined with clitoridian stimulation, this sensation disappears.

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About The Female Orgasm – How to Make your Woman Happy in Bed

Posted by squirtingmaster under About The Female Orgasm on Wednesday Mar 27, 2013
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Clitoridian, vaginal, the urethra or breast orgasm, and even the oral one. Isn’t it true that you want to know more about the female orgasm?

The clitoris is the main role

The clitoridian orgasm is the most frequent, and it is one of the most intense. The majority of women need a certain clitoridian stimulation to reach any kind of other orgasm. The stimulation can be obtained manually and oral. Some women find it easier to get excited through gentle, kind touches, followed by fast and strong movements. Others like only when the moves are strong or tender.

Clearly, we have to consider that the majority of women have orgasm during manual stimulation, or the oral one of the clitoris, not during penetration. If you want penetration and clitoris stimulation at the same time, you will have to choose the “woman on top” position.

The infamous G-Spot

There has been said enough about finding and stimulating the G-Spot. The easiest way is to imagine that the vagina is a clock, and 12 o’clock is the belly button. The G-Spot is usually situated between 11 and 1 o’clock.

Unlike the clitoris, which is visible. The G-Spot is hard to find, especially if the woman is not excited.

We have the impression that the G-Spot can be found in the vaginal wall, but it can only be felt through it. Try to find it with your finger or with a vibrator. The best positions for finding the G spot are:

from behind
woman on top – you can stay with your face towards your partner, but it is better for the woman to stay with your face towards his feet
man on top – in this position, the woman has to stay with her feet on the shoulders of her partner, as this way, the chances to find the G Spot are increased

Want to Learn the Most Advanced Orgasm Techniques?

The vaginal orgasm is obtained the same way like the one of the G Spot. Considering the fact that the clitoris is a lot bigger than it seems, as the sides of it continue inside the vaginal walls, it is easy in theory to get a woman to vaginal orgasm. This can be produced when the muscles of the vagina contract during penetration. The rhythmic pulsations, whether those are short and fast, or long and slow, could stimulate the nervous terminals of the vagina.

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Sticky: How to give a Woman an A-Spot Orgasm with Orgasm Arts

Posted by squirtingmaster under Orgasm Arts Review on Sunday Feb 17, 2013
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First off, What is the A-spot?

The A-spot is actually also known as the Deep-Spot and the location is actually deep within a Woman’s Vagina. You may not be able to reach it with your fingers but we can talk about that in a bit.

This type of Orgasm is one that Women typically are not familiar with as they’ve never met a guy who can do it before. Most people haven’t even heard of the A-spot and there isn’t much info out there on it. Luckily Orgasm Arts tells you the truth about it.

Learn more about the A-spot than you can ever imagine by clicking here!

So where is this A-spot AKA Deep Spot?

Right now I want to talk about what the A-Spot/Deep-Spot feels like and how to find it. If you reach back far past her regular G-spot and the “spungey” feeling part. You will then feel it becoming smooth.

You should go around the Cervix as some Women do not like it when you touch their Cervix. The Cervix feels like a button with a dimple in it or the tip of a nose. You want to go past or around this generally to avoid hurting her.

Surrounding her Cervix will be a smooth round area in which you will massage. The advanced Techniques taught in Orgasm Arts can help you as Jason Julius demonstrates on a realistic model Vagina.

He will show you how to reach her Deep Spot using your fingers and Penis which will give her some never before felt Orgasms. You will most likely hear her say “What did you just do to me?!”. Chances are there are no other guys out there who can do this to her you may just be the first.


I would recommend checking out his Free G-spot Demonstration on the Model Vagina to get an Idea of how valuable this information is.

I took a snapshot of the Video so that you can see how in depth the Modules are. Refer back to the homepage to see all my Review and which Modules it includes plus the price.

Click here to watch the Video Now!




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