Announcement: Orgasm Arts Review-How make a Woman Squirt

by squirtingmaster on February 17, 2015

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Hi Guy’s here, Welcome to my site Dedicated to Educating Men further about Female Orgasm Techniques, My Orgasm Arts review, and Overall help us all become better at making Women happy in the best way possible! So if you are not here to embrace these topics then you may hit the back button anytime,but if so then read on :)

orgasm arts review

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What are some ways to prep your Woman for Climax or Squirting Orgasms?

orgasm arts review Location of Female The G-spot.

First I’d like to start with some of the basics and things that I’ve learned through experience then move to the advanced techniques I’ve learned from Jason Julius’s Female Orgasm Blueprint Video Course.

You always want to start off with at least some making out and dry humping along with touching. This type of behavior teases you both and get’s you and her ready for a “Sexual Situation”. After that focus on Kissing her and make sure that when you Kiss it’s sensual and genuine, hold her as well. Then you want to focus on whats called the Female Erogenous Zones for Women.

They can be located on her neck, collarbone, stomach, between the thighs. These are more common places which usually will work and get you into the fingering stages. I recommend you go through Jason’s Course for the proper ways to use your fingers, Tongue, and penis to ensure that your girl either Orgasms big or Squirts like a water hose.

So What is Orgasm Arts? and Who’s Jason Julius?

In a hurry? Watch my Video Review.

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Jason Julius Creator Of Orgasm Arts Jason Julius Creator Of Orgasm Arts .

The reason I’ve taken the time to create this Orgasm Arts Review is because I used to think I was a master at making my girlfriend of 5 years Orgasm and/or Squirt. Now don’t get me wrong, I did get her off quite often and I’ve only made her Squirt maybe once. This has made me master making her Squirt every time.

I honestly thought I had covered the basics and advanced stuff on my own until I actually went ahead and purchased Orgasm Arts. I thought “If it doesn’t teach me anything new I’ll just refund it, You get 12 month money back guarantee btw” but it actually did! and here is why.

There are three information packed Video Series and they are The Female Orgasm Blueprint Video Course, Female Orgasm Insider Video Course, and last but not least The Extreme Stamina Video Course. They each have Full length HD quality training on a realistic model Vagina, Video include everything from setting Her Mindset For Approaching Orgasms to G-Spot and A-spot Orgasms. All which have in depth and easy to understand training modules that will have a light bulb going off in your head ever minute, It did in mine atleast!



You can download all of the Videos or Watch them on the site. You will get a Special Login Code as well as a bonus “Quick Guide to Female Orgasms” (Retail value $67), a full 12 mos. of unlimited email support (Retail value $297) also one year money-back guarantee.

  • Module 1: Mindset for approaching orgasms
  • Module 2: Guiding her mind
  • Module 3: Female anatomy
  • Module 4: Clitoral orgasms
  • Module 5: G-spot orgasms
  • Module 6: Deep Spot Orgasms
  • Module 7: Oral sex (cunnilingus) techniques
  • Module 8: Squirting orgasms aka female ejaculations
  • Module 9: Trouble shooting

My overall rating of Orgasm Arts would be a 9/10 and I say this because it’s definitely improved my sex life with my Woman, Jason Julius is a fantastic teacher, The website is clean and easy to navigate, Educational, and you can always learn more and more to improve your skills. A must buy if you really want to keep your Woman happy and on her toes!

Where to Buy Orgasm Arts?

There are some other Hyped up programs out there that want you to read super long ebooks and pay outrageous prices for them but honestly I’ve done the research for you already and by far Orgasm Arts has been the best way to learn. Since it uses Videos to train you can breeze through learning in no time as you are able to see live demonstrations on a lifelike vagina used by Jason to show you EXACTLY what to do.

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Important Notices – Limited Time Offer and $99 Bonus!

OVER $99 in FREE bonuses with the purchase of Orgasm Arts and subscribing to my Newsletter.


About Bonus #1: This is the Stess Free Simple way to Seduce Hot Women and just being yourself without having to put on a fake attitude or lie to a Woman to get her to date you.

  • eBook Format – PDF
  • Reading Requirements – Any PDF reader
  • Number of Pages 64


About Bonus #2: I especially adore this one since it is and Audio MP3 that you can listen to on the Fly and will improve your Inner game, Confidence, and Overall help you subliminally build attractiveness within yourself to get more Women on your jock!
  • Audio Format – MP3
  • Listening Requirements – Any MP3 Player
  • Length of Audio – 15+ Minutes


Thank you for reading my Orgasm Arts Review. I hope to see you on the other side! Get you’re Free Orgasm technique’s video below.

Click here to See The Step by Step Squirting Orgasm Guide!



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